GA/Industry Programs

In this section of the website, learn how Green Advantage Certified Practitioners (GACPs) are recognized, preferred, or required by a wide variety of construction industry groups and projects.

Adopted by GBCI and USGBC as the basis for a LEED Innovation Credit on qualifying building projects, the Green Advantage Field Personnel Standard (GAFPS)  offers specification language for owners, architectural firms, and governmental entities  to useto usetto to use in bidding and construction documents.  The GAFPS raises the likelihood that a building project achieves a high quality level of construction and meets its green building goals, regardless of whether or not the project is seeking a certification under a building rating system.

Other respected groups like ABC and NAHB recognize Green Advantage Certification as a prerequisite for various industry credentials. Learn more about opportunities to use Green Advantage Certification as a springboard to furthering your credentials.

Federal green employment grant programs along with statewide workforce initiatives recognize the triple win of training locally, certifying those who are trained, and creating job opportunities on local projects for those who have become certified. Examples of governmental grants and jobs programs may prompt you to consider opportunities for you locality.


Church & Dwight Manufacturing Distribution Center, York, PA
Contractor: The Norwood Company