Retesting Upon Exam Failure; Appeals

If you Fail a GA Exam®

If you fail a Green Advantage Exam and wish to retest, you can re-register in the same way you did previously (see GA Exam Registration). Address any questions about retesting to

Appeals Procedure

Green Advantage strives to maintain the integrity of its certification by assuring fair conditions and providing a timely response to legitimate individual grievances. If you, as an exam candidate, GACP, or GACA have a complaint or grievance, you can send a letter to Green Advantage at the address below, or email us at to request a review of the grievance. Include specific supporting documentation that substantiates the request.

Green Advantage, Inc.
P.O. Box 3170
Frederick, MD 21705

GA reviews the matter internally and responds to the individual within a maximum of 2 weeks by letter or by email.