Selecting A Training

Green Advantage® does not require exam candidates to enroll in training. However, Green Advantage recommends training to prepare for the exam.

Green Advantage (GA) is a certifying body. To maintain the highest standard of integrity, Green Advantage does not provide, endorse, or sponsor trainings. Instead, GA maintains the integrity and relevance of Green Advantage Certification and provides useful benefits to those certified.

Some third-party training organizations choose to list their trainings on the Green Advantage website. You can view a list of providers and their trainings by following the links in the left menu on this page.

Training Shopping Tips

When considering training offerings, remember the following:

Match the Training with the Exam

Green Advantage offers two certification options - The Green Advantage Certified Associate option and the Green Advantage Certified Practitioner option. Training can be designed for more than one type of Green Advantage Exam. Select a training that is appropriate for the type of Green Advantage Exam you plan to take.

Consider the Faculty

Are they qualified and experienced? Verify that the trainer is currently certified by Green Advantage. In addition, learn whether your trainer has relevant construction and teaching experience or if they hold other national certifications.

Ask about Pass Rates

If a trainer has offered training in preparation for Green Advantage exams in the past, the exam pass rates of former trainees can indicate the quality of training. Request the Green Advantage Exam pass rates of former trainees.


Determine whether the training course is offered or sponsored by a reputable organization.

Advice from Other Trainees

Seek recommendations from peers who took the training you are considering.