Resources for Training Providers

To Provide Training for Green Advantage® Exams

Green Advantage recommends that candidates for Green Advantage Certification take preparatory training from an academic or professional organization. Green Advantage enourages candidates to ensure that the training offers the following:

  • Uses training materials that are designed by green experts to prepare you specifically for the Green Advantage Exam (GACP or GACA)

  • Is taught by qualified and experienced faculty, preferably GA Certified

  • Is offered or sponsored by a reputable organization

 Green Advantage, as a certifying body, does not offer, endorse or authorize trainings. Green Advantage encourages academic and professional organizations who wish to train Green Advantage Exam candidates to study the GA Exam Content Overview™ and the Green Advantage (EXAM SPECIFIC) Study Guide to prepare curricula and prepare to deliver training. Of course the best way to prepare to offer training is to take a Green Advantage Exam and become GA Certified.

Additional Curriculum Resources

Organizations that wish to list GA preparatory training events or products on the GA website can follow How to Post a Workshop on GA Website.

All organizations offering GA preparatory training must comply with GA Trademark and Website Terms of Usage Guide.

The certification fee and proctoring fee is paid as one combined fee. Green Advantage provides an exam specific Study Guide at no additional charge to every candidate who registers and pays to take a GA Exams (GACP & GACA). All GA Exams are administered in a closed book format.

Note that this and all other policies and procedures are subject to change at any time by Green Advantage, Inc. Green Advantage exams, website, Study Guides and other materials, policies and procedures continually improve; Green Advantage encourages and welcomes input from training organizations, faculty and curriculum developers.