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Green Advantage provides the following exam preparation materials for your use: 

GACP & GACA Exam Content Overviews

The GA Exam Content Overviews are free exam preparation resources that list and describe the topics addressed within GACP and GACA Exams® .  You can review these exam specific documents to help you prepare for your exam.  They can also be used to help determine which exam/credential is right for you. Sample questions are included in the GA Exam Content Overview Documents.

AIA/CES GACEP2 Program Workbook™

The American Institute of Architects awards eight CES Health, Safety, Welfare (HSW) Learning Units to individuals who successfully complete the GACEP2 Program. Individuals interested in receiving AIA/CES Learning Units can refer to the GACEP2 Program WorkbookTM  for complete program details.

GA Exam Specific Study Guides

 How to Obtain a GA Exam Specific Study Guide

When you register for your exam you will receive an exam specific (GACP or GACA) Study Guide attached to your exam registration confirmation email. Use that document to study for the exam. If you do not register online, you can receive a Study Guide through the organization that handles your registration. If your test date approaches and you have not received your Study Guide, contact Green Advantage for assistance at exams@greenadvantage.org.