GA Exam® Preparation

 Exam specific GA Exam® Content Overviews provide a comprehensive outline of the topics covered on the GA Exams®.   In addition, when you register and pay for your exam, Green Advantage (GA) provides an exam specific (GACP or GACA) Study Guide.This Study Guide is an important aid to exam preparation. All GA Exams are administered in a closed book format.

Visit the About GA Certification section of this website for additional information about the GACA and GACP Exams. 

Members of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) who are interested in earning eight Health Safety Welfare (HSW) Learning Units can refer to the Green Advantage Certification Exam Preparation 1 (GACEP2) workbook for complete program details.

Green Advantage recommends, but does not require exam candidates to attend formal green building training.

For detailed information, review the GA Certification Handbook.