Press Release Templates

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Let your community know about your commitment to green building and announce your certification using the GA Press Release Template.

This template offers a suggested release format that you may use as is or adjust to customize your message. Send it out to your local newspapers, to industry associations, as well as to national organizations your work with. You can also post it on your website and distribute it to all your contacts. Press releases can go out with the start of each new green project or at Certification renewal. For more ideas contact

“From the standpoint of the design professional, the Green Advantage credit brings additional training to contractors and subcontractors. Mike O'Brien, of the project construction management company W.S. Cumby, led the training for the building practitioners seeking Green Advantage Certification.  The result of the training and resulting Green Advantage Certification is that everyone on the job understands why green building is important. In fact, the biggest impact from Green Advantage is not about LEED certification, but rather its contribution to keeping construction professionals in the field healthier and safer.” 

Scott Kelly, Principal
Re:Vision Architecture, Philadelphia, PA