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Green Advantage, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors composed of individuals who bring broad and varied expertise to the governance of this private non-profit organization. The Board of Directors appoints the Chief Executive Officer, the Certification Board, and the Advisory Board, defines the organization’s Strategic Plan and Budget, and implements major marketing and funding initiatives.   

The Certification Board is responsible for ensuring the integrity, impartiality, and fairness of the Standards documented in the Compendium, from which content is drawn to develop Certification Exam items. Further the Certification Board approves Certification Requisites and Exam Characteristics appropriate for Certification goals and target audience. The Certification Board is made up of academicians, green building policy makers, and other green building experts.

The decision making system that is employed by the Board of Directors, Certification Board, and Management Team is adopted from Resilient Business Design™. This system delivers high quality, informed, thoughtful decisions that provide an effective and efficient infrastructure for organizational leaders to act on behalf of the organization’s best interest. Resulting decisions are consistently aligned with the organization’s Vision, Mission, Statement of Deliverables, Strategic Plan, and Budget. Visit Organizational Decision Making to learn more about the system used by Green Advantage.