Research Confirms Effectiveness

University of Florida Study Confirms Benefits of Green Advantage Certification

Significant increases in health and environmental benefits recognized in projects using Green Advantage certified builders

WASHINGTON, DC (August 24, 2009) – The University of Florida has completed a pilot study that examines the use of Green Advantage® certified personnel on construction projects pursuing LEED certification. The study found that projects using Green Advantage® Certified Practitioners achieve greater health and environmental benefits than projects without, and that the more Green Advantage certified personnel, the greater the benefit achieved.

Dr. Charles J. Kibert, Director of the Powell Center for Construction & Environment and supervisor of this research effort stated that, “This pilot study confirms field reports that several positive benefits can be realized by utilizing Green Advantage personnel in green building construction projects. Owners, developers, architects and contractors can use information from this study to achieve desirable building and workforce results for their projects.”

Principal participants in projects that utilized Green Advantage certified practitioners were surveyed to assess their opinions about the effectiveness of this innovation. In addition to the health and environmental benefits, the study also shows positive attitudinal and behavioral effects among building crews using Green Advantage Certified Practitioners. Individuals surveyed reported a dramatic increase in collaboration on the job site, greater ability by crews to spot problems that would affect green building performance, and more instances of crews finding ways to cut costs when compared to other projects.

“This report represents the first quantitative analysis of [the certification’s] impacts, particularly as it relates to its achievement of the Green Advantage LEED Innovation Credit and its impact on health, environmental and attitudinal indices,” the study reports. “In general, [it] confirms the findings that have been expressed by project principals, architects, trainers and others as to their favorable experiences in using GA Certified personnel. Health, environmental, and attitudinal changes are attributed to the use of GA Certified personnel and in this case, ‘more is better.’”

About the Study

The study was undertaken by Kristen Gray, a research assistant at the University of Florida’s Powell Center for Construction and Environment under the supervision of Dr. Charles Kibert. Green Advantage, Inc. assisted in the project. For more information about the study visit

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