Continuing Education

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 AAAAAIA/CES HSW Learning Units (GACP Only)

The American Institute of Architects awards 8 CES HSW Learning Units to  individuals successfully completing the Green Advantage®  Certified Practitioner (GACP) Exam and Preparation Sustainable Design and Construction Program (GACEP1). Registered with AIA/CES as an asynchronous workbook program, these Learning Units are independent of and in addition to Learning Units that may be earned by attending formal green building and exam prep courses. See GACEP1 Program Workbook or GACEP1 Info Sheet for details.

 For 2013, AIA members are required to satisfy a minimum of 18 LUs per year. Of this total, 12 must meet the Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) criteria.  NAHB Continuing Education Hours (GACP Only)

The National Association of Home Builders awards 6 continuing education hours toward maintenance of its Certified Green Professional credential for individuals who become a Green Advantage®  Certified Practitioner (GACP) within their CGP reporting period.