Benefits of Certification

Attain Higher Quality Performance

A pilot study by the University of Florida in collaboration with Green Advantage (GA) found that projects using Green Advantage® Certified Practitioners (GACPs) achieve favorable environmental, health, and crew collaboration results. See UFL Press Release for details.

Achieve Third Party National Recognition

GA Certifications document successful demonstration of green building knowledge that is up to date, practical, field work related, and specifically targeted to the construction workforce.

Qualify for USGBC LEED Innovation Credit

If you are part of a team of practitioners who have GA Certified Practitioners (GACPs), your project may qualify for a LEED Innovation Credit.

Fulfill Company Requirements

Depending upon your company’s policies, GA Certifications help meet organizational green goals or job requirements.

Enhance Your Presence in the Marketplace

The demand for knowledgeable green building practitioners has skyrocketed. People everywhere want more energy efficient, environmentally friendly homes and buildings, and they are looking for reassurance that the contractors on their job are up to date with the latest innovations in green building. Showcase your commitment to sustainable design, energy efficiency, and to the environment by including your GA Certification within your marketing materials.

Highlight Your Certification
Include the GA Signifier after your name on your business card, stationery, and email signature. Upon certification you receive the GA Signifier artwork specific to the exam you passed.

Draw Attention to Your Achievement
Include the GA Logo on your website, stationery, or business flyers and link it to the GA homepage or to your listing in the GACP Directory. Upon certification you receive GA Logo artwork specific to the exam you passed.

Increase Your Visibility
Upon certification you are eligible to add your name and contact information along with your company name and website link to the GA Online Directory.

Invite Discussion
Display your GA Certificate. Start discussion about your green building qualifications. Upon certification, you receive a handsome, ready-to-frame certificate by mail. Many include a copy of their GA Certificate in their customer portfolio. Also upon certification, you will receive a decal for your hardhat. Wear it proudly at the jobsite!

Fulfill Continuing Education Requirements

AIA CES HSW Learning Units (GACP Only)
The American Institute of Architects awards 8 CES Health, Safety, Welfare (HSW) Learning Units to an individual who successfully completes the Green Advantage Certification Exam and Preparation Sustainable Design and Construction Program. See GACEP2 Program Workbook for details.

NAHB Continuing Education Hour (GACP Only)
The National Association of Home Builders awards 6 continuing education hours toward maintenance of its Certified Green Professional credential for individuals who become Green Advantage Certified within their CGP reporting period.

Meet Construction Specifications and Bidding Qualifications

Owners, developers, and architects increasingly prefer or require GACPs; reference GA Field Personnel Standard.

Fulfill Industry Program Requisites

ABC Green Contractor Certification Professional Credentialing Compliance (GACP Only)
The Associated Builders and Contractors Green Contractor Certification program for organizations recognizes Green Advantage Certification within its education and training requirements, as well as its professional credentialing compliance requirements. 

ABC Green Assessor Prerequisite Option (GACP Only)
ABC recognizes Green Advantage Certification within its 3rd party Green Assessor prerequisite options.   

Built Green®Verifier Prerequisite Option (GACP Only)
The Built Green® Program recognizes Green Advantage Certification within its 3rd party Verifier professional certification prerequisite options. 

NAHB Verifier Program Prerequisite Option (GACP Only)
The National Association of Home Builders recognizes Green Advantage Residential Certification within its Accredited Verifier position prerequisite options.

Contribute to GreenLight Newsletter

For and about GACPs and GACAs, GreenLight spotlights green projects and best practices. Want to tell the world about your latest project? Once you are GA Certified, you can submit articles for consideration and benefit from this free publicity source.